Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Where Did Halloween Come From?

With halloween fast approaching I found this interesting. Please take time to read!
Where Did Halloween Come From?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spirit Week, painting the basement, & Claire's Birthday...

The Kids had spirit week at School. They had a theme for each day. The first day was weird and wacky hair day....

Kendrick with all his little piggy tails!
Kaitlyn's crazy hair!!
The second day was western day....
My cowgirl & cowboy!!

The third day was School color day.....

Kaitlyn with her face painted....i didn't get a pic of Kendrick that morning but he had his face painted too!

The fourth day was hat day.....
Kaitlyn with her John Deere hat...Kendrick didn't have school this day!!

We are in the process of finishing our basement...the kids got in on painting the family on a snow day!!:)

Linda was babysitting Claire & Kendall on Claire's birthday so we went with them to McDonald's for lunch!!

Claire & Kendrick

Kyann & Kendall


Snow Days...

It seemed like we really had a lot of snow this just kept hanging around!! At least the kids got to go out and enjoy it!!:)

Little Miss...all bundled up!!

the first day that we had snow, it was too cold to be out! We were only out about 20 minutes and the kids were froze!

Hot Chocolate always hits the spot after playing in the snow!!

My kids like to drink their hot chocolate with a straw!


making snow angels...

Kaitlyn & Kendrick made a tunnel right in front of one of the turkey barns were the snow had drifted.....

our little snowman!!

Kaitlyn, Kendrick, Andre, & Austyn...

~ karen ~

Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas Celebrations

Well here I am again several months behind....but I want all my pics to be on here when I print my book so I'll start where I left off!

We celebrated Christmas at Grandma Graber's on Christmas Eve.....

Most of the kids watching a movie after we opened presents...

Grandma with baby Jayston, her first great grandchild!

Mark, Grandma, Jayston, & Ashley ~ 4 generations!

Adison with those big brown eyes!

Logan getting into the game....Lisa brought 3 gifts one for the men, one for the ladies, and one for the person tried to open and the next person in line had a dice and if they rolled a 6 or a 1 they grabbed the gift and tried to get it open...the person who got it open won the gift!:)

The boys helping Grandma open her gift....we got her a traegar grill

Austyn with his John Deere shirt....the 5 little boys got matching shirt
Kyann with her new dress...and candy bar!

Adison with his gift....

Logan being silly!!:)

On Christmas morning we opened our gifts at home then we went to the Miller dinner

Reading the christmas story before opening our gifts...

Kyann playing with the bus that came with her "little people" house...

Kaitlyn and Kendrick were VERY excited to get a Wii!!:)

On New Years day we celebrated Christmas at Mom and Dads.....
Kaitlyn with all the bows!!:)
Kyann checking out her new baby and stroller!!

My brother Keith and his sweet little family

Me and my handsome young man!!:)
Mom and Dad with their gift....a digital picture
Brothers ~ Damon & Dustin....
Dannielle & Lind
more bows....

Claire...she got JUST what she wanted.....a pet vet!!


I think she likes the baby!!:

Sisters ~ Linda, Janice, Me, & sisters are very special to me and I dont know what I would do without them!!:)

Jan & Chick

Claire & Emily

Eric, Kayla, Morgann, & Jordan....
Well, I think that wraps up to get caught up on the rest of my pictures!!:)